On Walsall.

Walsall 29/9/2012
“Rivers Of Blood”
It all started off as any other demo held by the EDL. We were greeted by a large contingent of police who seemed, at the time, quite welcoming and they ushered us along to the demo point where we were due to have a static. During the speeches a small group of muslims had gathered in Leicester street and began to taunt and hurl abuse at EDL members. I for one saw two seperate incidents were the muzzy scum put a finger to his throat and drew it across his neck indicating that we would get our throats slit, this happens to be a favourite pastime for these scum. The second incident had another muslim making a threat of violence by making out that he was holding a pistol and pulling the trigger. Both instances were very blatant and totally ignored by the Gestapo (west midlands police) They stood not more than 15 metres away gesturing and verbally abusing attendees of the demo. Of course your going to get a reaction from EDL members and the reponse was to confront the scum by voicing their own views. The crowd that had gone to confront the muzzies swelled and as numbers came forward so the members were forced into the police lines. With batons drawn the Gestapo waded into the EDL members, bringing their batons crashing down onto heads. Some even tried to turn and get out of the way but the Gestapo just lashed out indiscriminantly battering anyone and anything in their path. Heads were split open and some very nasty injuries were caused. Seeing this happening to our own and from a force that is supposed to protect us made tensions rise even further. Now the mood changed and there were angry clashes with the police, who still lashed out wildly and refused to allow medics to tend the injured, this led to missiles being thrown. Chairs and benches were broken, Plant pots smashed, pavings slabs broken up, all to hurl at the enemy who were attacking us. Now I don’t condone the actions taken by some EDL members in the throwing of missiles etc but I can certainly understand why they did and I think the Gestapo got what they deserved. The chief super had stated prior to the demo that the force didn’t want the EDL in Walsall but was powerless to stop a static and this makes me believe that the Gestapo intentionally set out to try and cause a confrontation so they could beat us. All this could have been prevented. Why did the Gestapo allow muslim scum anywhere near us in the first place? Why did they not move the muslim scum on? It would have been far easier. I tell you why, because they wanted to cause the confrontation. Never before have I witnessed such brutality from our so called police and never before have I seen so much blood spilt but it will not deter us, only make us stronger and more determined to continue fighting for the cause. NFS (2)

By BetterDeadThanRed!.

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