On Walthamstow.

A Good March Was Has By ‘Sussex EDL’ On Saturday. Even Though Our Organisation Came Under Attack. And Had Bottles, Bricks, Stones And Other Missile-Like Objects Launched At Us. By Red And Islamo-Fascists. Trying To Prevent Peaceful Patriots. Who Had A Message, Not Like Theirs. From Mass-Assembling. And Making That Message Public. On The Streets Of Our Own Country. Because They Simply Cannot Abide The Thought Of Freedom And Democracy. And Attempt To ”Smash” It. When It Doesn’t Agree With Them. Or Fit With Their Own Red Or Islamo-Fascist View On Things. A Big ”Thanks” Goes Out To The ‘SS Metropolitan Police’ Aswel. Who Not Only Let These Rent-A-Mobs Rule The Streets With Violence. And Run Riot. But Also, With Their Actions On Saturday. Reminded Everybody Of Their Police State Style Scam With Us On Cenotaph Day. But Really Pushed The Boat Out This Time. By Refusing Detained People, Including A Pregnant Woman. Basic Human Rights. Such As Toiletry Needs. And Access To Water. For Hours On End. And Have Successfully Ensured Any/All Police Liason Is Now Considered ‘Not An Option’ To Many Within The Movement. Ns

By BetterDeadThanRed!.

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